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  • Beginner

    Perfect for anyone starting on their pole journey, no experience required! You will learn basic tricks, spins and floorwork while building strength and confidence.

  • Inter fundamentals

    This class is focused on learning fundamental inverted moves, ensuring you have core Intermediate moves down packed before moving up to Intermediate.

  • Intermediate

    You will learn a wider range of tricks and transitions up the pole. You will continue to build strength and stamina through longer combos and more challenging transitions.

  • Intermediate plus

    This is a mixed level class for Intermediate level and up. The class will include Intermediate content with progressions and variations for higher level students.

  • Advanced

    You will be working towards more challenging tricks and transitions. You will continue building strength and stamina through longer aerial combos.

  • Beginner dance

    If you are new to pole, this class is designed to ease you in gently. While still working on the basics, you'll learn how to integrate these through a mini choreographed routine.

  • Dance

    Once you have a handle on the basics, you'll learn some more challenging floor tricks and transitions through a mini choreographed routine.

  • Conditioning & Stretch

    Splits, Back Bending, Barre and Abs workouts. These are fitness-based classes with a specific focus on developing strength and flexibility.

  • Basework

    Basework is a class that focuses on flow around the lower third of the pole. You will learn tricks and transitions, then apply these through a mini choreographed routine.

  • Floorwork

    Learn fundamental floor moves used in most floor combos alongside more challenging transitions. You will then get to slink your way through a mini floor sequence.

  • Open

    Self-guided training time for you to work on what you've learned in class, or film some Instagram content.

  • Private sessions

    Polishing up a routine to perform or want to focus on something in particular 1 on 1? Book a private with your favourite instructor! ($70)

TimetableTimeLilith GalleryJezebel Lounge
6:30pmC&S - SplitsBeginner
5:30pmOpenInter Fundamentals
6:30pmC&S - BackInter Fundamentals
7:30pmFor the GramAdvanced
7:30pmInter FundamentalsC&S - Barre
6:30pmOpenBeginner Dance
10:30amOpenInter Fundamentals
11:30amOpenIntermediate Plus
12:30pmC&S - Express AbsBeginner