A photo of the studio Lilith with 5m poles


Our instructors want you to feel strong, confident and happy

Our instructors at The Garden wholly embrace a culture of openness, diversity, body acceptance and shameless sensuality.

We want all students to feel welcome, confident and encouraged by the studio, their instructors and fellow students!

For us, pole dancing has transcended fitness toward a personal journey of empowerment, self-love and acceptance.

We each possess our own unique strengths and passion for pole and love sharing these with our students!


We each possess our own unique strengths and passion for pole and love sharing these with our students!

  • Evie aka Natalia Gemini

    she / her

    When Evie began pole dancing she quickly discovered that she was made for the 8 inch heels. She draws sighs of admiration regularly with her beautiful Russian style fluidity and is known for her seamless transitions both on the floor and up the pole. Evie has performed at shows and competitions all over New Zealand.

  • Miki aka Miki Mcnasty

    she / her

    Miki danced out of the womb and has been ridiculously good at being hot ever since. She loves a spreadie almost as much as she loves a swim through straddle, but saves her best talent for helping others grow their confidence both on the pole and in dance. Miki has wowed many crowds under the alias Miki Mcnasty.

  • Emily aka Myley

    she / her

    You're not seeing double! Emily is Evie's twin sister, and occasional doubles partner. A regular in the performance and competition scene, Emily discovered her dance aesthetic when she embraced the broody and seamless Russian Pole dance style. She continues to chip her way toward attaining the ultimate life goal of a "bum-hat". Alas, the chase continues!

  • Courtney aka Smoky Quartz

    she / her

    Courtney always loved to workout but could never find something that would make her want to keep going back... Until she found pole. She loves a cheesy, crowdpleasing routine with plenty of booty popping, is a sucker for punishment when it comes to strength conditioning. and is a lover of all things handstands and hand balances.

  • Ella

    she / her

    Ella had a whirlwind courtship with pole after breaking up with adult ballet, falling in love harder than ever before. Blessed with the genes of an aunt who was doing the splits well into her 70's, Ella likes a good flexi move and any tricks that feel horrifically painful. Don't be afraid of her concentration face death stare, she really does like you.

  • Briar

    she / her

    After debuting her pole skills in homemade Pussycat Dollz music videos in her teens, Briar decided to give pole a slightly more legitimate shot and never looked back. She is a big fan of both floor and basework and compensates for not being blessed with the flexi gene by showing aptitude in shaking what her mama gave her.

  • Kate aka Rae Lindley

    she / her

    A lover of costumes and high heels alike, pole was a natural choice for Kate. She thrives on making awkward positions look hot, using her an unnaturally bendy back and the clacking of sky high heels to charm audiences. When she's not upside down, Kate loves to get down and dirty to sick beats, with body rolls and booty pops never going astray.

  • Alex aka Riley Rayne

    she / her

    Riley materialised from the womb fighting️, which is probably why her dance style combines an aggressive flavour with a slow, slinky movement that only be described as sexy at it's laziest. She loves to break down moves into digestible parts, making pole as effortless as possible by building students confidence through strength they never knew they had.

  • Emma aka Jane Jones

    she / her

    Emma fell under pole’s spell after she was mesmerised by a live performance. Armed with booty shorts and a dream, Emma attended her first class and was instantly hooked! Pole allowed Emma to connect her feminine side, learning self love and a passion for twerking in the process. She is busy unlearning a childhood love of karate, which taught her to never (ever) point her toes!

  • Jess aka Jessica Jayne

    she / her

    Jess trained as a ballerina for 13 years and has always had a passion for dance. After having her three babies, she took a pole class in the hopes it would help her find herself again - and she hasn't stopped since! She has an all out crush on mega high heels and ass shaking magic, and loves working with people from all walks of life to dance their way to self confidence and love.